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We work as per your requirements. We follow your processes and work harmoniously with your team to initiate creative resolutions for your precise hiring challenges. Then we take a hands-on approach. We take profound research into your community to recruit the best from the rest.

We find more people than the others.

It’s who you know that counts. Luckily, you know us.

Client motivated. Relationship driven.

At  CodersData, we furnish holistic manpower staffing solutions under turnkey administration services with cent percent assurance of far and wide recruitment process. We cornerstone the entire recruitment strategy, initiating with conducting drives, administering the promotions, conducting screenings, ensuring target based footfalls, facilitating the interview panel, dealing with the candidates regarding CTC requirements and so on.

CodersData purveys unprecedented accuracy in matching consultants to job requirements. Our recruitment process engenders rigorous background screening of the candidates. We peruse their details and shortlist the appropriate candidate with thorough checks that we conduct for each and every position before we recruit the candidate.

We have a conscientious recruitment procedure that ensures that you appoint the right employee who proficiently contributes to your company. We keep a tab on the employer’s as well as the employees’ requirements while furnishing comprehensive permanent  staffing solutions.

With the staffing solutions at CodersData, it does not end at furnishing consultants but with the assurance that you are satisfied from the beginning to the end. During projects, we attend to our field employees requirements to validate them to reach high levels of proficiency. We persistently thrive to vanquish incidences of billing errors and also run continual follow-ups to make sure that the services are purveyed as promised. Additionally there is an extensive accountability insurance coverage.

We know job descriptions.  What qualifications best fit the position?  Transferable skills?  Trending skill sets?  Complimentary experience? Let us put it together for you.

What we do and who we are. We fill jobs quickly with productive, smart temporary and full-time people.

Finding the best candidates often means eliminating the ones less suited for the job. We screen, interview, test and more to get to the gems.

There is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting with a candidate. It’s the best way to judge intangibles such as quickness, social skills and chemistry.

opening for SAS analyst at CodersData

For the longest time, we have been putting people to work at businesses for all sizes and we discern better than anyone else the type of workforce challenges that businesses face. We work with you to elucidate your requirements and solve your specific challenges. Our staffing solutions are build to help your business administer proficiency and development no matter what workforce issue you meet.

We thrive to assign parallel value to our clients and our job candidates simultaneously trigger on developing relationships with our client working together as a team to generate the best staffing solutions. We furnish hiring services for two streams of staffing solutions as:

  • Permanent Staffing
  • Temporary Staffing

We pursue clients in finding the best candidate for their organization. Our proven payroll, compliance and recruitment practices scale with your business and furnish benchmarked staffing solutions for you. Our working procedure is inclusive of :

  • Deftly discernable processes and simple SLAs that make it effortless for you to come onboard.
  • Sophisticated recruitment team that can swiftly source, evaluate, shortlist and generate a team for you.
  • Robustly specialized staffing database for FMCG, FMCD, Retail, Telecom and Finance.
  • Reinforced and computerized system that is inclusive of self service portals, help desks and MIS for your administration.

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